Back Pay for Your Back

If you’re a Kentucky worker who’s been hurt on the job, you most likely qualify for workers’ compensation benefits.  People assume this means they’ll receive some type of financial compensation to help pay for medical bills and lost wages.  While that’s true, the Kentucky workers’ compensation system is also a complicated one.  It can take several months to even a year or more to reach a full determination of the extent of your injuries and how those injuries impact your ability to return to work.  So, what happens during the time you have to stop working and while you await a decision on your claim?  The good news is that you can receive back pay for workers’ comp benefits. 

back pay for workplace injury

Let’s be perfectly honest, if you’re income is negatively impacted because you’re unable to work in the job you had before the injury, things can get extremely tough.  As an attorney whose handled these claims for over 20 years, I understand the struggle you’re going through.  It’s one of the reasons I act quickly and aggressively to get your claim started.

However, I’ll also ask that you understand that we need to get you the tests, surgeries and post-op therapies you need to fully heal.  That’s the best way to determine the full extent of your workplace injuries and career.  Trying to short-cut that process will often limit your benefits.  I know your family is counting on you.  I also know that once the judge has ruled, it’s extremely difficult to re-open the claim. 

When your attorney is successful in handling your claim, you’ll typically receive a payment for the back pay for your workers’ comp benefits, in addition to the regular monthly payments you may soon begin receiving.

There are a number of options for helping you manage the cash flow issues, while we wait for your case to work its way through the system. One of the options I provide for clients is to simultaneously file for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI).  Not every injured worker qualifies, but I can help to determine if it’s an option for your circumstances.

The first step to receive your back pay for workers’ comp benefits is to actually file your claim.  I’ve helped workers and their families across the Western Kentucky region.  You can contact my office by submitting a form on this website, or simply call for a free consultation.  My office phone number is (270) 753-0053.  The sooner you start, the sooner your case can be filed.