Complex Trucking Collision Cases

complex trucking collision in Kentucky

There’s nothing simple about a trucking collision.  A wreck involving a tractor trailer is one of the most complex legal cases an attorney can handle.  The injuries are typically severe, and unfortunately may involve a traffic fatality.  The various experts involved, including accident reconstructionist, life-care planners and physicians will provide various reports and opinions.  There are multiple insurance companies involved – usually all trying to convince the judge, jury and even the victim that it was the driver of the car’s negligence which caused the accident.

Now, from a legal standpoint, you also have to consider the various federal laws, regulations and other sources of safety-related oversight.  For these and many more reasons, a trucking collision is far different from a typical car wreck.

When an injured driver or a family member contacts me to consider handling the case, I understand the fear, uncertainty and a range of emotions involved:

  • How are the medical bills going to get paid?
  • How will the ongoing household bills get paid?
  • Can the injured victim get the specialized treatment often required due to a catastrophic injury?
  • Will our family ever get back to normal?

The answers to these questions are never easy.  I talk to people with a calm determination.  I’ve been involved in trucking collision cases before.  While theirs is unique, the laws are there to protect each of us.  These laws have been established to provide strict rules for commercial drivers, their vehicles and the loads they carry. 

When the driver, the mechanics who were supposed to routinely service the trucks or the yard crew who loaded the equipment in/onto the trailers was negligent, everyone is placed at risk.

You may not believe in filing lawsuits for minor issues.  Most people would tend to agree with you.  However, when it comes to complex trucking collision cases, there’s nothing frivolous about them.  The risk to which they knowingly exposed each person (families, spouses, children and parents), was not only unnecessary, it may have been illegal.

I’m here to hold them accountable for their decision to cut corners, which may have resulted in devastating injuries and/or death.  I mentioned that I approach these cases with a calm determination.  The reason is simple, these trucking collisions make me furious because I’ve seen the look of pain and sorrow in the eyes of the people who contact me about their tragic situations. 

If you’ve been involved in a trucking accident, contact my office for a free consultation.  If you don’t contact me, please be sure to contact another highly experience trial attorney.  There’s too much at stake and the trucking company’s insurance teams and lawyers are already working to ensure everyone thinks it was your, or your loved one’s, fault.