Murray State Student Involved in a Car Wreck

Murray State University is a regional university with an annual enrollment of over 10,000 students.  Most of these students bring cars to campus.  Unfortunately, is quite possible that a Murray State student involved in a car wreck while driving to/from Murray, or while driving around town, will need legal help.

It’s helpful to have a local, Murray personal injury attorney to help both the student and his/her parents to navigate the complexities of an injury claim.  Most of the time, the case will need to be handled in Kentucky, even if the MSU student lives out of state.

I’ve spent my career helping injured victims from car accidents, motorcycle crashes and truck accidents and their families in Murray, Kentucky and throughout this region.  During my career, I have represented several Murray State students that have been injured.  I understand that these are trying times for both the student and for the parents that may be hundreds of miles away.

If you have a Murray State student involved in a car wreck, you’ll need confident, experienced legal assistance.  Other attorneys from across the state attend seminars and conferences at which I present information on handling various types of injury cases.  I understand how to prepare a case to be litigated in court or settled when it’s in my client’s best interest.

The common situations a student may encounter:

  • Car Wreck on 641 or Highway 80
  • Traffic Accident on I-24 or I-69
  • Student hit by a vehicle
  • Student hit while riding a bike
  • Injuries sustained while riding in another student’s vehicle

As local, legal counsel for the family of an injured Murray State student, there are several key activities I’ll manage when handling the case:

  • Because I’m local, I can quickly visit the accident scene and preserve the evidence related to the collision.
  • I can work efficiently to begin uncovering the various layers of insurance the at-fault driver may have. This includes policies carried by the parents of another student, if that’s a factor in the incident.
  • I’ll be able to communicate with area hospitals and medical facilities to obtain important records and negotiate medical bills to reduce potential out-of-pocket expenses.
  • I’ll work directly with the insurance adjusters and their attorneys to resolve the case so that your family receives the best possible outcome, based on your specific situation.

Most importantly, you’ll work directly with me, attorney Jeff Roberts.  You won’t have to deal with 1-800 numbers, call centers, or have your case handed off to an attorney you have never met.  My office takes pride in providing personal service for those individuals and families who hire me to represent them in their injury cases.

College should be an exciting time for the student and his/her family.  Unfortunately, if you receive a call and learn that your Murray State student was involved in a car wreck and is injured, it quickly changes to a terrifying time.  Rest assured that the Roberts Law Office is ready to help when you and your student need it the most.  We invite you to contact us or call (270) 753-0053 to speak with an experienced Murray Kentucky personal injury attorney today.