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5 Tips for Selecting an Injury Attorney

Episode 25:  In today’s episode, Calloway County Attorney Jeff Roberts discusses 5 tips for selecting an injury attorney.  These are issues and factors you should think about if you have to hire an attorney to handle your case.  These 5 criteria can be used in selecting an attorney for many other types of legal matters, as well.

Once someone graduates from law school and passes the Bar Exam, he/she can practice virtually any type of law.  However, attorneys tend to focus more in specific practice areas, rather than dabbling in all areas of law.  It’s a matter of practicality.  There’s simply too much to know and the laws change over time. 

Factor #1:  How Much Experience Does the Attorney Have with Your Specific Type of Law?

Experience is vital.  You can easily look on line to make sure their experience is primarily in handing your type of case.  Jeff Roberts handles injury law, which is primarily motor vehicle accidents (e.g. cars, motorcycles and trucks), workers’ compensation and social security disability.

For attorneys who handle personal injury cases, they may handle car wrecks, but not workers’ compensation claims or social security disability claims

Another important factor is that the insurance company representing the other side in your case, may react/respond differently depending upon the reputation of the attorney handling your case.  Does your attorney practice in this area of law?  Does your attorney understand the full value of your claim?  Is your attorney willing to take the case to trial?  How successful has he/she been in trials? Is he/she licensed to practice in this particular jurisdiction?  These and other factors have a direct influence on your case.

Factor #2:  How Is that Attorney Viewed by His/Her Peers?

There are associations for attorneys and many of them provide legal education seminars.  Attorneys are generally required to complete a number of continuing legal education credits each year.  Those associations are careful about which attorneys they invited to provide those educational seminars for their peers.

Jeff Roberts is commonly invited to present legal education topics for the Kentucky Justice Association (a statewide association of injury and trial attorneys).  CompEd Inc. one of Kentucky’s largest workers’ compensation legal seminars and Jeff is a regular presenter at the annual seminars.  He also speaks at the workers’ compensation legal education seminar sponsored by the University of Kentucky.  In past years, Jeff has also presented for the Kentucky Bar Association’s legal education seminar. is an online directory for attorneys.  It specifically enables attorneys to endorse their peers.

Factor #3:  Does the Attorney Have Positive Online Reviews?

You can easily check Google or Facebook for reviews of specific attorneys.  Is he/she responsive?  Does the attorney appear to communicate well with clients?  How do clients feel they were treated? 

As of the recording of this episode, Jeff has 39 Google Reviews averaging 4.9/5.0 stars.  His firm has also earned multiple positive reviews on Facebook. 

Factor #4:  How Much Will It Cost?

It’s important that you understand the attorney’s fees and how those will be handled.  Not all law firms charge the same fees and/or percentages.  Injury attorneys typically work on a contingency fee.  This means you don’t pay to hire them.  If they win your case, they receive a percentage of the recovery.  If they lose the case, you shouldn’t have to pay any attorney fees.

There are typical court costs and other expenses related to a lawsuit or handling the claim.  Those are typically the responsibility of the client and are deducted from the financial recovery at the end of the case.  At the Roberts Law Office, if he were to lose the case, he covers the court costs and expenses and does not pass them on to the client.

Factor #5:  Who Will Actually Handle My Case?

Here’s the final factor in our list of tips for selecting an injury attorney. Knowing who is handling your case and being able to speak directly with him/her is extremely important.  The attorney on the commercial or billboard may not actually be the one handling your case.  In fact, it could be a lesser experienced attorney in the firm, or a member of the staff such as a case manager or paralegal.  You deserve to have an experienced attorney representing you and communicating directly with you.

At the Roberts Law Office, Jeff Roberts handles the cases, directly.  Yes, he does have staff and they may speak with you, from time to time.  However, Jeff will be your attorney and he can and will speak with you from start to finish. 

For more information, visit This podcast is meant to provide information and is not legal advice.  Jeff’s principal office is located at 509 Main Street, Murray, Kentucky.  Co-host Jim Ray is a non-attorney spokesperson.  This is an advertisement.