Filing for Social Security Disability

filing for social security disability benefits

Social Security benefits are important sources of income for many people in Western Kentucky.  As an attorney handling Social Security claims, I’ve been able to work with the various programs to ensure my clients have filed for the proper types of available programs. This article will provide information if you’re going to file for Social Security benefits.

What is Supplemental Security Insurance (SSI)?

One of the programs available is Supplemental security income or SSI.  This is typically designed for people who are disabled but have limited or no employment history and only limited income or resources.  The disability may be due to an injury, mental illness, disease, and other situations.  Since SSI is a needs based program, the social security administration will look at the income and resources of the entire household. 

What is Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI)?

Social Security Disability Insurance or SSDI is another program designed for those who have suffered various types of injuries and/or illnesses.  To receive SSDI, you have had to work and pay in a sufficient amount to the social security system.  Your payment is based on what you have paid into the system.  Since the benefits are based on what you have paid into the system, the social security administration does not look at your assets or resources.     

These claims can be difficult to pursue and will likely be initially denied.  Perseverance is important when applying for SSI or SSDI benefits.  Applying for government benefits can be a complicated process.  There are specific requirements for both SSI and SSDI.  Appeals must be filed within a short time period.  Having an attorney who is experienced in gathering and presenting the evidence to support those claims can be the difference from being granted benefits or being denied.  Many clients and their families have enough on their hands without having to negotiate the maze of government bureaucracy.

I’ve handled claims for Social Security Disability and SSI benefits since 1992.  I am licensed by the Social Security Administration to handle social security claims in all 50 states.  My office staff and I understand how important these benefits are to people we represent.  We take the time to answer questions and work hard to keep you updated on the status of a claim.

We Make It Easy for You

If you are filing for Social Security Disability due to an injury, I may also be able to handle your personal injury or workers’ compensation claim.  You may find it helpful to have one attorney handle everything for you.  It certainly can cut down on the expenses you ultimately have to pay if successful.  If you’ve been injured, the last thing you want to do is to keep track of communication with multiple law firms and remembering which firm received the information you submitted.  At the Roberts Law Office, we try to make the entire process as simple as possible for you. 

Our office phone number is (270) 753-0053.  We’re located in Murray, Kentucky and handle claims for people who live in the various Western Kentucky counties.