Meet Attorney Jeff Roberts

Episode 1:  Calloway County injury attorney Jeff Roberts discusses his background and why he focuses on helping other people.  He handles personal injury cases, automobile accidents, workers’ compensation claims and social security disability claims.  His office is located in Murray, Kentucky.

Jeff grew up in Mayfield and went to Murray State University.  He later earned his law degree from Southern Illinois University Law School, in Carbondale.  He returned to Murray to practice with Don Jones, in 1992.  He’s been practicing in the same building ever since.  He became a partner in the firm and took it over, upon the death of Mr. Jones in 2000.

Jeff is licensed to practice law in Kentucky.  He covers cases throughout the Western Kentucky region and beyond.  However, for social security disability claims he’s admitted to practice in all 50 states.  Social security claims are handled in the federal system.  He also has experience as an assistant county attorney prosecuting criminal cases.  He also maintains his trial skills by handling child neglect and child neglect cases on a weekly basis. 

Representing clients who’ve been injured in tractor trailer collisions also helps Jeff work on extremely complicated cases, involving the federal motor carriers act.  Sometimes, those cases also involve related products liability cases against the manufacturers of equipment (such as tire manufacturers).

The most heart-wrenching cases are those involving wrongful death claims.  These can result from car wrecks, truck wrecks and other cases. 

Jeff spends part of this episode explaining contingency fee agreements, evaluating offers from the insurance adjusters and important decisions regarding taking a case to trial. 

For more information, visit This podcast is meant to provide information and is not legal advice.  Jeff’s principal office is located at 509 Main Street, Murray, Kentucky.  Co-host Jim Ray is a non-attorney spokesperson.  This is an advertisement.

Meet Calloway County attorney Jeff Roberts