Distracted Driving in Western Kentucky

distracted driving with text messagesEarlier this summer, KFVS12 reported on a Livingston County fatal collision involving a car and a tractor trailer.  It appears the driver of the car didn’t realize that traffic had slowed ahead of her.  She apparently tried to switch lanes but was forced to return to her lane.  She collided with a tractor trailer after losing control of her car.  It may have been a case of distracted driving.

Unfortunately, we see all too many wrecks on I-24.  Between construction zones, access ramps, tractor trailer traffic and inattentive drivers, it can be a dangerous stretch of road.  We don’t know why the driver of the car didn’t see the slowing traffic.

We’re seeing spikes in the reports of car wrecks due to distracted driving.  Oftentimes it is from driving while texting, but even dialing or looking up an address are significant causes of distraction.  How often have you watched the driver beside you scrolling through Facebook?

One of the major problems with distracted driving is that it dramatically reduces our reaction time.

As the seasons change, here in western Kentucky, so will road surface conditions.  We will experience snow, freezing rain and icy road conditions.  All drivers have to be even more cautious when driving on slick roads.  But, it is extremely important that parents speak with your teenage drivers about safe driving tips and techniques.  They need to know that they need to go much slower, keep a greater distance between themselves and the car in front of them, they need to accelerate and stop much slower than on dry roads, and know that they shouldn’t make any sudden move.  In fact, if it is possible, it is a good idea to ride in the vehicle when your teenager first drives on snow covered roads so that you can teach them the proper technics.

Any parent knows, teens think they already know EVERYTHING.  Still, it’s our responsibility to remind them about the dangers.  This is especially true if they have a habit of driving with a carload of friends to the Friday night game, the mall, or to the next town.

Parents, please remember to be talking with your teens about things to remember when driving in poor weather conditions.  Summer and autumn roads are much different than winter roads.